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Kanichi Kichikawa Solo Exhibition
"PARADISE FUTURE" All aboard!! All right! And you...

PARADISE FUTURE, wonderful... you know.
So, I can say.

We always think about a ofn ideal image oneself many times.
Each time,It troubles our head by a gap of an ideal image and reality.
However, I believe "With repeating to do it many times,I can develop new oneself, and a road is opened naturally. "
"PARADISE FUTURE" It is really optimistic expression.
But If you consider the world as a paradise future, it is a paradise future.

-Kanichi Kichikawa-

31st.JULY (TUE) - 5th.AUGUST (SUN),2001
OPEN/11:00 - CLOSE/18:00 (31st.JULY/15:00 open)
PLACE/ C.A.I (Contemporary Art Institute)
N1W28 2-5 Chuou-ku Sapporo Hokkaido JAPAN

Reception Party & Art Performance/31st.JULY (TUE)19:00-21:00
Art Performance/3rd,4th,5th,AUGUST - at center street of Sapporo city

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