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"Iwamizawa Art&Music Festival 2001

Soprano- Helga Pappert (Greece)
Piano- Toshiko Tanimoto (Japan)

1ST STAGE "The Sound of Race"
| Bulgarian Folk Music |
Vocal Quartet EVA SONG (Bulgaria)

| Sarasate
; Zigeunerweisen |
Piano/ Toshiko Tanimoto (Japan)
Violin/ Janos Mate (Germany)

| Popper: Hangarian Rhapsody |
Cello/ Franz Amann (Germany)
Piano/ Toshiko Tanimoto (Japan)

| Schubert: Klavier-Quintett Op.114 " Die Forelle" |
Violin/ Janos Mate (Germany)
Viola / Haruo Takeuchi (Japan)
Cello/ Franz Amann (Germany)
Contrabass/ Onishi Yuji (Japan)
Piano/ Toshiko Tanimoto (Japan)

2ND STAGE "Collaboration"
| Creative Ballet by Hamburg Ballet |
"Sergei Rachmaninoff Concerto No.2, Op
18 in C Minor/c-moll- Adagio"
Choreography/ Jiri Bubenicek (Czech)

| Collaboration Of Percussion By Elbetonal |
"Uneven Souls from Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic
For Solo-Marimba, Percussion-Trio and Man's Voices
/ Elbetonal (Germany)

| Creative Ballet by Hamburg Ballet,
Netherland Danse Theater And Special Unit Of Festaval |

"Immaculate Concept (Bolero 2nd)"

Art Direction/ Satoshi Hata (Japan)
Choreography/ Jiri Bubenicek (Czech)
Compose & Computer Music/ Masato Hatanaka (Japan)
Percussion/ Elbetonal (Germany)
Soprano/ Helga Pappert (Greece)
Chorus/ Vocal Quartet EVA SONG (Bulgaria)

Violin / Janos Mate (Germany)
Viola / Haruo Takeuchi (Japan)
Cello/ Franz Amann (Germany)
Contrabass/ Onishi Yuji (Japan)
Piano/ Toshiko Tanimoto (Japan)
Hair Making/ FITS
Clothes/ Marion Schumacher
Cordinating/ Mikiko Sato (Germany)

Cooperation / Prism Co., Ltd.
Movie Cooperation/ Midori Moriya

Schedule /
27th(Mon) - 31st(Fri),Aug / Rehearsal school visitation
29th(Wed).30th(Thu),Aug/ workshop (Sapporo Art Park)
1st,Sep(Sat) / Music festival

Hours /
1st,Sep(Sat) / 16:30 open - 17:30 start
Place /
Park Iwamizawa Outdoors Concert Hall "Kita-On"

Entrance charges /
S seat (a chair seat)/ 4,500 yen
Free seat (a turf seat)/ 3,500 yen
Small, junior high student (a turf seat)/ 1,000 yen/
-A day ticket-
S seat (a chair seat)/ 5,000 yen
Free seat (a turf seat)/ 4,000 yen
Small / junior high student (a turf seat)/ 1,500 yen

�� ticket sale /
-In Sapporo-
Lawson ticket, Ticket Pia, Dohshin play guide,
4 pula play guide, YAMAHA music Hokkaido Co., Ltd.
-In Iwamizawa-

Community plaza, Citizens hall,
Iwamizawa city committee of Education,
Kousei of Daiei record,
A music shop Ban Ban

Sponsorship/ Iwamizawa city,Iwamizawa city committee of Education, NPO Hamanasu art & music production
Support sponsorship/
Otaru beer, Sapporo prince hotel, Toda Construction Co., Ltd.
Plan production cooperation/
C.A.I Co., Ltd.
Sapporo America consulate general resident, German embassy, Germany Agency for Cultural Affairs, Hamburg Agency for Cultural Affairs, Bulgaria embassy, British council, Sapporo Arience Francais, Sapporo international plaza Foundation, Hokkaido, Hokkaido committee of Education, Asahi Shimbun Hokkaido branch office, Sapporo Times, Hokkaido Shimbun Press, Mainichi Shimbun Hokkaido branch office,
Yomiuri Shimbun Hokkaido branch office, NHK Sapporo TV station, Sapporo TV, TV Hokkaido, Hokkaido Television Broadcasting, Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting, Hokkaido Broadcasting, AIR-G FM Hokkaido, Japan ballet association Hokkaido branch office, Hokkaido Nikikai, Kikuya Gakki

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