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Youssef Tabti

BORN IN PARIS, 12 03 1968

Link to : http://youssef-tabti.blogspot.com/


2011.12/ updated

"ORLANDO" -Hermaphrodit
Video Stills from Orlando with Tonia Christie
DV PAL 7’ 2004/2005 ©Youssef Tabti

Inspired by Virginia Woolfs Gender story "Orlando“, Youssef Tabti films a portrait of the actress Tonia Christie.
The picture is edited by means of montage and soon a time-warp appears.The picture overlaps and the words of the actress turn inwards.
Spoken for the audience, the voice emphasises an inner thought and develops as a central theme.
In quiet expression the character appears delicate and fragile.
By raised spoken english quotations Tabti involves the spectator in the disunity of Woolfs character and produces intensive, lasting moments by subtle distortions.

MUEZZIN « Islam in the western media »
- A translator is using sign language
- A muezzin is singing
Video Stills from Muezzin with
Münir Camll: Muezzin
Thimo Kleyboldt: Translator
DV PAL 12’ 2007 ©Youssef Tabti

-All we see is no other than a muezzin calling to prayer, reciting in Arabic.
The subtitle never makes an allusion to Islam but all the same, the parallel between the text and the image catches our attention as does the news when we watch it on television.
Because of this everyone can let his and her thoughts wander and see what associations we make with these images.
In spite of the absence of a divulged message, the video turns out to have an underlying one, like a
political gesture
Perhaps our thoughts go no further than the beauty and the sound: the first message, the sacred because the question is also about this.

Video Stills from Parkhaus with Sven Janetzko
DVD, length 11mn 42, DV PAL 2005 ©Youssef Tabti

A man is sitting in his car, smoking a cigarette and listening to the radio which catches out attention with its echo.
The frozen frame stays this way, the actions are thus very minimal and the scene becomes one of waiting for something to happen.
The whole scene has been carefully worked over in detail; every sound was artificially reconstituted in a recording studi

View of the exhibition
ようWebside: Stills from H.S-Liebe Mutti
DVD, length 11mn
DV-HD PAL 2010 ©Youssef Tabti

The French artist Youssef Tabti now based in Hamburg, has been invited to the „La Force de l’Art 02“ exhibition in Paris from 24 April until 1 June to make a film with Harald Stoffers in the Grand Palais during the exhibition, which will also be shown there.
A triennial event organized at initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, LA FORCE DE L’ART aims to put on stage contemporary French creation and the artists who bring it about, with all the diversity of their origins and aesthetic choices. This second FORCE DE L’ART 02 will be presented in the Nave of the Grand Palais in Paris, from April 24th to June 1st 2009.
LA FORCE DE L’ART 02 offers a unique programme for all publics to have an encounter with creation in our time. By multiplying into so many events and in so many new sites, this new FORCE DE L’ART invents a new means of access, one that is greater and more open, to the art events of today.

Youssef Tabti


Born in Paris of a French mother and an Algerian father who had immigrated to France in the 1930's.
As an artist, he applies this duality of thought to his artistic process.
Current political topics are of high importance in his artwork. His work includes a series of creative and social aspects.
He wants to invite spectators and listeners to focus their attention towards art and politics at the same time.
It is an attempt to dissolve the barriers of past and present in relation to arts and political topics.



10th Internationale Istanbul Biennale, Projekt "Nightcomers", Istanbul, Türkei

Kunstverein Art-Cade, (im Rahmen des 50. Jubiliums der Partna¨rsta¨dte Hamburg- Marseille) mit Sabine Mohr, Jochen Lempert, Michael Do¨rner, Thomas Rieck.

20th Instants Video, Rencontre International, Liége, Belgium

Kunstverein Immanence, TRAM / Goethe Institut Paris, Frankreich

mit Jeanne Faust, Jörn Zehe, Volko Kamenski, Arne Bunk.


Asia Print Adventure '08. Otoineppu, Japan

Kunstverein Hamburg. "wir nennen es Hamburg"

Galerie du Tableau, Bernard Plasse, "Edvards Tag" Marseille

Ku¨nstlerhaus Lauenburg, Lauenburg/Elbe (Arbeitsstipendium)
  Galerie Montgrand "Gegenliebe/Amour réciproque" Marseille
  Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg (Malersaal), Theaterakademie Hamburg,
  Stage for the Opera ?Polynymph "von Jörg Lillich
  Kunsthaus Hamburg
2009 NOBE 67 Art / Basel Miami Art Fair. "New media section", U.S.A
  Literaturhaus Hamburg "Edvards Tag" mit Alexander Häusser
  "La Force de l'art 02", Le Grand Palais, Einladung von Tanc/Vincent, Paris
  Kunsthaus (Vorauswahl, Hamburger Arbeitsstipendium für bildende Kunst 2009)
  Literaturhaus Schleswig-Holstein mit Alexander Häusser

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