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Satoshi Morita
live / Kyoto Japan
born / 1974, Tokyo,Japan
Contact: cb1207@par.odn.ne.jp
Link to: http://www.boomerang-art-project.de

Helmet Project,1998

Mixed Media

Helmet Project,2000

Mixed Media

Mailing Project
-something which belonged to somewhere

(one part)
Mixed Media

Stage Project
Metal,Loud Speaker,Microphone

12.1974 born in Tokyo, Japan
09.1997 Award: Takifuji International Art Prize
03.1998 BA in Sculpture, Tokyo University of Art and Design
03.1998 Award: Tokyo University of Art and Design for BA artwork
03.2000 MA in Sculpture, Kyoto City University of Arts
10.2001- study at Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weisensee with Prof. Karin Sander

Exhibitions and Projects (excerpts)

07.1998 International Art Symposium Fujino / Japan
10.1998 �gOto no shizuku (sound drop)�h, Workshop-organizer, Kyoto / Japan
11.2000 Art Project �gYokka-senshu (an eternity in autumn, for four days)�h Osaka / Japan

1998 - 2000 Iwamizawa Art Camp / Japan

10.1999 Sculpture Exhibition Uji City / Japan
10.1999 Helmet - Project, Kyoto / Japan
02.2000 Stage - Project (MA), Kyoto / Japan
05-06.2000 �gTasty Communication�h with Inga Beyer, Kunstverein
Emsdetten / Germany
2000 - 2001 Boomerang Art Project, Kyoto - Bremen
06-07.2000 Drawing Exhibition �gFirst Throw�h, Weissraum,
10.2000 Boomerang Art Project in Kyoto / Japan
03-04.2001 Boomerang Art Project in Bremen / Germany
2000 - sia - researching Project (Art Project with Inga Beyer )
09.2000 sia ? caravan in Takino, Sapporo / Japan
2001- Tokyo Attack, Kissing Attack, Feeding Attack

11-12 / 2000 Helmet - Project, Sapporo at Free Space PRAHA/ Japan
�gIt is getting less milder. -Do you collect? �h

2000 �gPostKalories�h at [k3], Hamburg / Germany

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