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photographic group

by Magda Hueckel & Agata Serafin

lives / Sopot. Poland
born / 30.01.1978 / 12.02.1976 Gdansk. Poland

Contact: hs@hueckelserafin.com
URL: http://www.hueckelserafin.com


How much of one's body should one sacrifice to stop being oneself ?
Body is the theme of the photography cycle babydolls by hueckelserafin group. Authors refer to childish paper cut-outs. It is during the play with cut outs that they overcame approved standards and started experimenting on their own bodies. Body is treated as a product and its role is limited to a wrapping. Authors challenge us to consider the meaning of superficiality and its influence on everyday life. The world of mercenariness is neglected; cult of a beautiful body; the lack of respect towards an individual. They ask who a man is.

The photographic series Faces created by the group hueckelserafin, consists of several paired portraits. Both artists, who know each other thoroughly, photograph their faces, revealing their uniqueness and beauty, but also hideousness and "fleshness". In very unconvenient way, which is the result of profound observation and mutual intimacy, they present their physiognomy. Some of the pictures may be shocking with their anatomic approach, other take on very abstract, dehumanized forms. The authors eternalize moments and register temporal emotions, which appear on their faces. Subsequently they set them together, creating aggressive diptychs, being a kind of dialog between Hueckel and Serafin.

The Morphs
morph (from Greek 'morphe' - shape of a body) - characteristic species, being different from other species in some features, created as a result of specific external environment

The Morphs is another series of photos showing strong relationship between two close persons. As the mutual contact gets more and more intense, it may lead to loosing the individual features of one another. It creates the morph, new personality. The developing process, initially creative, gradually evokes the feeling of claustrophobia, the lost of one's individuality. Where does 'hueckel' end and starts 'serafin'?

Career background:
Magda Hueckel and Agata Serafin launched hueckelserafin group on 16/17 March 2002. It was similar perception of reality, fascination with photography and mutual influence of personalities that made them create together. In 2003 authors completed their studies in Art and Graphics Department of Academy od Fine Arts in Gdansk/ Poland, where they were instructed by Witold Wegrzyn. Autohors also studied in Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava /Slovakia/ and Schule fuer Gechtaltung in Sankt Gallen /Switzerland/."
They have taken part in numerous in and overseas exhibitions:

- "hueckelserafin group. Photographies from 2002-2004" PGS Gallery, Sopot, Poland (2005)
- Babydolsl, Appendix, The Morphs, photography Festival in Lodz, Poland (May 2004)
- Babydolls, Month of Photography in Krakow, Poland (Dec.2003)
- Babydolls, Profil Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia (Apr. 2003)

- Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia (Apr. 2002)
- Fremdheit-Naehe in Saeulenhalle des Parlament, Vienna, Austria(Nov. 2002)
- Female Life in ZPAF Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
- Female Life in Studio Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
- Medium as Medium, PGS Gallery, Sopot, Poland

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