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Hops Bornemann

live / Bremen,Germany

born /1969 Kassel,Germany
Contact: hopsborn@planet-interkom.de
Link to;http://www.boomerang-art-project.de

Sexualitat und Leistung

Medienzentrum Walle, Bremen,

7. October, 1998-28. March, 1999
Material: 6 Barchairs, colourcopies on cloth,
transparent foil, look-a-like leather (PVC), cottonwadding
"Lust is the only swindle I wish continuance"
Walter Serner, taken from: Letzte Verlockung (Last Temptation)

Ramona's Lounge consists of six barchairs and was made for the bar of Mediacenter in Bremen-Walle.
The installation is part of a groupexhibition "Sexualitat und Leistung" (sexuality and effort/success),
initiated by the Health Administration Department of Bremen-City (Gesundheitsamt der Stadt Bremen).

The seats of the barchairs are covered with faces of porno-actresses taken from magazines.
All women have their eyes closed.
Their mimics aim at mediating "lust" to the visitor by pretending to feel lust themselves.


To Let For Less,
KuenstlerHaus Bremen, Germany
September 2000
Boomerang Art Project (part 1),
Omuro House , Kyoto , Japan
October 2000
It Is Getting Less Milder.
- Do You Collect?
Free Space PRAHA , Sapporo , Japan
November / December 2000
September 2000�March 2001



The BAR IN PROGRESS PROJECT creates a communicative and social setting which is located
within the situation of living, working and exhibiting.
In its main idea it provides a surrounding for relaxed and intimate conversation between participants
(during preperationtime of the exhibition) and with visitors of the exhibition.
In the second step it creates also similarities of places and settings.
Especially similarities of cultural impressions are bearing an inquiry potential
because they stimulate the mind to put into comparism the own and the strange cultural reality.
Nowadays proximity of industrialized countries with their similar structures of social orders and the simultaneous
exsistance of different cultural origins is bearing incredible exciting combinations of differences and similarities.
To encourage the participants and visitors perception to be susceptible to this phenomenons is another aim of the BAR IN PROGRESS PROJECT.
Like an international link the setting of a bar serves as a setting for relaxed communication.
As a part of the exhibition itself and using the presence of the artists, the bar gives positive impulse to participants and visitors for direct and
spontaneous exchange.

The initial idea to run a bar derived from taking into account the site specific settings found in architecture
and interior-design of the former canteen in OMURO HOUSE / Kyoto and their historical reasons.
This former canteen � designed for the employees of a company originally
� will be rather changed in its atmosphere than in its materiality.
During daytime it will also serve as a kitchen and dining-room for participants
and become a bar from late afternoon till night and on special occasions.
Only the walls are painted orange. Atmospherical means like red light from a turning discoball,
a neonsign outside the bar, music, the presence of a bartender and beer turn the dining-room into a bar.

As a given fact the room for the second bar in Bremen has excactly the same dimensions
than the bar in Kyoto and it is located again close to the other artworks of the participants.
The main interior elements of the kyoto bar will be rebuilt there. A 'communication of sites' in addition
to the human intercultural exchange will be the result.
Also the similarity of rooms makes it easy to tie up to the experiences made in Kyoto.
This may stimulate to exchange about differences between the project in Bremen and Kyoto.
Visitors can get a feeling of the bar during the Kyoto project in addition to its documentation.
Besides the chance of making direct contact with the participants and get to know
about the project it offers them to experience an untypical interior situation.


The Boomerang Art Project is a japanese/german student and postgraduate exchangeproject
to encourage intercultural exchange among the participating artists
and to take into consideration their concept of working in front of an unknown cultural background.
For about a month both groups visit each other, first in Kyoto and 3 months later in Bremen.
In this periode they get to know each other and the cultural differences and similarities
thru the contact developing from living and working together.
At the end of each part of the project their works are shown in groupexhibitions on the spot.
The Boomerang Art Project was initiated by Yuji Takeoka,
Professor at Hochschule fuer Kuenste Bremen (University for Arts Bremen).

Basically the BAR IN PROGRESS PROJECT was planned to be a contribution to the BOOMERANG ART PROJECT only.
Additionally a 'preview' on the barproject in Kyoto was shown at KuenstlerHaus Bremen
before the journey to Kyoto and after an object for Free Praha Space in Sapporo took part in the groupexhibition.


1969........born in Kassel/lives in Bremen
since 1992...Graficdesign- and Artstudies at Hochschule fuer Kuenste Bremen (HfK)
(Prof. Rolf Thiele, Rolf Julius and Prof. Yuji Takeoka)
2000........Diploma Graficdesign


2000/01.....Boomerang Art Project, Kyoto and Bremen (catalogue)

2000........Boomerang Art Project (part 1), Omuro House, Kyoto, Japan
.............Do you Collect, Free Space Praha, Sapporo/Hokkaido, Japan
.............Krach Schlagen (Making Noise), with the Band KAUZ, KuenstlerHaus, Bremen (audio CD)
.............To Let For Less, KunstlerHaus, Bremen

1999........Made In, with Adrian Notz, Bremen-Groepelingen
.............Privater Raum (private room), HfK Bremen

1998........Sexualitaet und Leistung (sexuality and effort/output), Medienzentrum Walle, Bremen (catalogue)
.............Teleferica, Cafe Gruppe Gruen, Bremen

1997........Teleferica, Gallery of HfK, Bremen

1996........Eat The Wor(l)d, (performance) with Sven Kalden at 'straight section', Alytus, Lithuania (catalogue)

1995........What It Means To Be German/American, HfK Bremen and Prescott College, Arizona, USA
.............Deiche brechen nie... (dikes are never breaking...), soundinstallation, Kulturzentrum Westend, Bremen

1994........Rat (croatian = War), Schlachthof, Bremen

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