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Hideko Kawachi

live / Berlin, Germany

born / 01.19.1976. / Tokyo, JAPAN
Contact: kawacchi7@hotmail.com
URL: http://home.att.ne.jp/apple/berlin/baustelle/


steel, leather

Es koennte viel bedeuten,
Installation, Photo series

These shoes are my work. Their outsoles are impressed with a poem by German poet. The poem will be stamped on a road when I walk with them on. By wearing this poem disappeared slowly

This Poem saids;
It might mean much ; We pass away,
We come without request and must go away.
Surely we speak ,but we do not understand each other
and in no moment reach for the hand of other,
thus we are broken down ; we shall not stand.
Already the attempt is threatened by unfamiliar token,
and the deep long-cherished hope is smashed to a cross
to confine us in solitude.

Tanabata-Balloon 2002
2002 Street Performance,
I went along such as star constellation on the roads in Berlin-Mitte with over 100 balloons, which with wish-notes for the cause of "Tanabata". The people wrote their wishes on this wish-note. And the people let fly this wishes with the balloon into the sky.


On the 7th day of the 7th monthly in Japan "Tanabata" is celebrated. On this day there is a special star constellation at the edge of the Milky Way. Tradition says, the stars Ori Hime and Kengyu are a lovers pair, which must live by the fate separately from each other at the opposite sides of the sky river (Milky Way). Once in the year however, namely on the 7th day of the 7th monthly, exists for Ori Hime and Kengyu hope to cross and see the sky river (Milky Way) each other. But only in beautiful weather a bridge forms over the sky river. In memories of Ori Hime and Kengyu one is to write a wish on a wish-note on this day´┐Ż@and to hang this up at a bamboo. Perhaps the wish does not only go from Ori Hime and Kengyu into fulfilment.

falling she
dedicated to Klaus Engelberth
2002 Installation
"Wundermaschine", former water tower

In the water tower was a 24meter heights stairs of silk on the magnifying mirror hung.

Eat me/ Sachikosoup
installation for an exhibition for "NAME"
Shop MOVE, Tokyo/Japan

-- You can choose this eatable Alphabet with long chopstiks whatever you like!
Enjoy your mehl!

2000-2001 co-op,

I wanted to get back the consciousness of Body with a sense,"pain".
I created this work as photo series since it went therefore for me to represent the pain only.

The Princess on the bean
"Gruene Woche" Kunstraum Pausin, Brandenburg/Germany


Doppelgaenger/ "Ich bin du, du bist ich"
Matchbox-installation for an exhibition for "X'mas gift"
Shop MOVE, Tokyo/Japan

"Invisible Exhibition 2000"
Parthenon -Tama/ Public Park Tama ,Tokyo
At this exhibition, "Invisible Exhibition 2000" same concept of the last exhibition was deepened.
And the Artist whose works were displayed outside tried to bring the other "view" to the light, the heaven, the air or the

visible/invisible body
Installation with real body,
"Invisible Exhibition"
Mitaka Art Center ,Tokyo/Japan
At my installation, the difference of artificial, "unreal" and "real"
bodies with the sense of touch, was important.

"Invisible Exhibition"
Mitaka Art Center ,Tokyo/Japan

"Invisible Exhibition"
Many kind of art by wide variety of artists
include a diversity of media and are designed to be experienced
by the senses of touch, smell,hearing, taste and "view".
The exhibit ist geared especially towards the visually impaired
-blindfolds will be provided for other visitors so as to create
the correct "viewing" experience.
organized by Hideko Kawachi

That was a huge balloon.
Viewers were free to write or draw or record with a voice recorder
'Scantalk' (sponsored by Olympus) "WHAT YOU SEE HERE" on this balloon.
organized, planing by Hideko Kawachi
Flyer design Idea Oshima



2000 Best Student of Tama Art University, Japan
1999 Scholarship of Tama Art University, Japan


Co-op, Berlin
"Rundgang" Hochschule der Kuenste,Berlin
"Gruene Woche" Kunstraum Pausin, Brandenburg

"Invisible Exhibition 2000" Parthenon-Tama/ Public Park Tama ,Tokyo

"Invisible Exhibition" Mitaka Art Center ,Tokyo
"peep" Gallery Milkwater, Tokyo
"Swimming in the air" Gallery Milkwater, Tokyo

"Box" Pepper's gallery, Tokyo

Performance "Tanabata Balloons" on the street, Berlin


organization , direction , planning
"Invisible Exhibition 2000" Parthenon-tama/ Public Park Tama Tokyo
Subvention: The Kao Foundation For Arts and Sciences, Tama city
Sponsors: Asahi-Beer / TOYOTA / National/Panasonic

organization , direction
"Invisible Exhibition" Mitaka Public artcenter,Tokio
Gallery Milkwater, Tokyo(1year)

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