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Goh Ideta
live / Sapporo Japan
born / 20.10.1978 Shimizu, Hokkaido, Japan
Contact: idett@mail.goo.ne.jp
Contents: http://users.goo.ne.jp/idett/

title/ "finity"
material/ steel, mirror sheet,
bolts with nuts, etc.
size/ 602�~374�~183cm
The theme of this work is a limit of human perception. This work is a passage-like structure made of steel, and was constructed to present fictitiousness of existence before perceiving by a structure of vacant box. Mirror sheets are stacked on its inside, so, vision of spectators" getting into the work is reflected. The reflection of those mirrors constructs fictitiousness of the world being on perception. The passage forms figure of eight, and light rotates. But it is not complete, because of making entrance to let spectators enter. So, it is not infinity either (there is a limit), and consequently, it can be said that it is a structure having a limit which always comes in to existence at the point of perceiving. A window is provided for lighting at the ceiling of crossing point. It is potentially possible to chang its form and structure freely, because it is sectional by bolts with nuts.

title /"1998 7 4�`"
material: steel, vinyl, photograph

The size of a plate is five centimeter length and four centimeters breadth I attached a string to a steel plate, and put it on my neck.. I took a picture of me (with the plate) when the day finished, and took off the string from it, put it in a vinyl bag, and changed it to the next one. I had continued the record for about fifteen months (from first to third photographs are for about two months, and fourth photograph is for about twelve months). Those plates rust variously according to a conditions of each day. I used steel that is easy to leave traces of a relationship with me, and I started this work as a clue to think about making works while basing on substantial experience and feeling a relationship between objects and me. Those plates which were touched my skin and left traces by my sweat in itself, relief 'myself' who is a biogenetic and corporal being. Condition of surrounding of me and mental and physical change closely have to do with the change of those plates. By continuing the work, the meaning of the work was changing and was renewed. It gave me a chance to think about a relationship between subjectivity and objectivity, and the sense of touch and the sense of sight, also about identity in time axis, and 'making work' itself in myself but not only this work.

title / " _______"
material / cloth, wood, gut, electric fun, video projector, video camera, TV monitor, video cassette recorder, videotape, etc.
size / 540�~650�~480cm
The theme of this work is a relationship between existence and recognition.The work is a structural construction of system of recognition by differentiation and the fictitiousness. White and translucent cloths were hung from ceiling in a lattice.Their size are about four meters height and the breadth of fifty centimeters . They swing by spectators going through in there, and differences come into existence there. "White" contains whole color, so, it can be said that it includes infinite possibility of color. Small electric fans are set on the upper side, and they blow into there and swing those cloths whenever they swing their neck, and existence being beyond the recognition is connoted. Transparency of the cloths expands to recognition-existence. Two video cameras are set on the upper side, and they take the lower situation. Also, two video projectors project the vision to the cloths and floor on real time, and the light rotates. I used the�@video projectors as a source of light so that spectators could see the work, and the source of light came from the video cameras taking this work (shined on by the projectors). So, the light rotates, and the ground is lost. The�@situation of the light changes whenever spectators walk under those video cameras, it is a construction coming into each recognition of spectators. These visions are also sent to other monitors, and recorded on videotape. "Fleeting times" are preserved, and "existence" is recorded as an illusion.

title / "invisible vision"
material: steel, vinyl, fluorescent lamp, cloth, ventilator, etc.
size: 350by540by250cm

The theme of this work is a relationship between existence and recognition. I tried to put the sense of touch above the sense of sight by thinning a side view of sight. Thin vinyl tubes with various length move at random on the white floor surrounded walls by blowing air from under the floor .


Solo and group exibition

"Sapporo art paradise'98", Grand Prix, Sapporo
"Sapporo Contemporary Art Award'98", Grand Prix, Sapporo

"Kanbetsu ground art'99", Kucchan
"Goh Ideta Exhibition", Sapporo

"NTL25 The project of installation on the ground", Sapporo
"Sapporo art paradise'00", Sapporo

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