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Internet technology has been spread out to our daily life rapidly and amazingly in recent years.
Before the internet becomes popular, we couldn't find that enormous and detailed information which we can easily find through the internet now, and the internet let us communicate with far off people we haven't met and cannot meet.
Now that there's no border over the WWW (World Wide Web), the network is not only in the monitor, but also becomes our real world's important communication tool.
Then, how can we face and associate with this?
This is an instance of how we, contemporary artist, face with this issue. Lots of art communities and networks exist over the world. If we can get in touch with individuals of them, the networks become infinite and they can communicate without national, regional, and environmental blank. In vice versa, we can send and receive the information directory and immediately from local cities.
"Artists and their works are just here, and there are people who wants to see it. Then, there comes network and demand." Through linking those network without any medium, artists' presentation to the market will brisk up, then it is sure that these phenomenon let people who are interested in art increase. This is the perspective that we imagine for near future.
Finally, based on the thought I've mentioned above,
---August, 2000
For creating expenditure, nationality, and domicile free new art media on the web, we come up with promoting intangible nonprofit organization "ART CORE JAPAN ORGANIZATION."

22. 10. 2000
ARTCORE JAPAN Organization.
Organizer / Masayoshi Masago



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