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"It Is Becoming Less Milder.
Do You Collect?"


The Project for the Praha Space, Sapporo, November

It is becoming less milder. - Do you collect?

During her time in Japan her experience was that contemporary art has
hardly any place in daily life.
People (not talking about the 3 collectors in Sapporo) neither collect, nor buy contemporary art.
Why it is like that she was not able to find out, but that there has to come a change is clear
- otherwise no artist in Sappro will be able to live off his work.
The way to start for her is launching a concept which tackles the artwork itself
and makes it more accessible and understandable for the citizens of Sapporo.
So she began an action directly referring to the procedures of daily life introducing pieces of 12
Japanese and German artists suited to become part of domestic envirement.

Photographs of "domestic suitability."
Before the pieces get exhibited I will document the works in a domestic environment.
These photographs will then be exhibited with the objects.
Each work will contain a note with information about the maker and a contact.

"Welcome, you are now a collector."

Her interest emerging out of these projects concentrates on the artwork mirroring the relation to the visitor.
It now shifts to involving the visitor by achieving his participation, seeking his action.
Rather then leaving him to the role of a passive observer. So her aim is to make her work
understandable (obviously not being mistaken as simple), not only for the inner circle of the
art-scene but for everyone with concern.
By her work she plans to enter the periphery of exhibition and reaction/participation-stage.
The frontier between artwork and response has to diminish to create an alive process of communication.

More information of this exhibition;
S-AIR/ http://www.iacnet.ne.jp/�`sair/

Free Space Praha

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